National Month Of Hope

Hope is energy. Hope opens the heart, mind, and soul. Emerging science tells us that hope even makes us healthy. It doesn’t matter what challenging […]

garden month

National Garden Month

Gardening is a fun way to get some exercise in the great outdoors. Fertilizing, planting, mulching, and pruning takes a lot of work and sweat, […]

love, love your children

Love Your Children Day

There’s a special love between a parent and child, and today is the day to show it and celebrate it! Did you kiss and hug […]

National Fun Day

It’s April’s Fool Day! Today is the day to focus on fun! Do something where you experience joy, amusement, and playfulness. Have fun by having lunch […]

Crayola Crayon Day

Art helps brighten our world and one of the first tools we use as children to create art is crayons. For Crayola Crayon day, add […]

Take A Walk In The Park Day

It’s spring! Get out and enjoy a  nice walk in a park near you. Do you know where the nearest park is to your home […]

music in our schools month

Music in Our Schools Month

It began in 1973 as a day of advocacy in New York, and it expanded to a month-long celebration in 1985. Music in Our Schools […]