Your Kids Won’t Eat Veggies? Get your Kids in the Garden!

You buy all the green, organic things you can and yet your little one still won’t touch them! Maybe it’s time to get your kids in the garden! According to, studies of afterschool programs suggest that kids who garden are more likely to eat the produce they grow as well…

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Discipline Tips for Your Child

Society is full of prescriptions for handling a child’s misbehavior. You can’t  escape nanny shows, advice from an empathetic mom or the outspoken advice from your childless coworker. Here are some mindful discipline tips. You’ve probably tried small time-outs, counting 1-2-3, various forms of punishment, bribing, nagging and offering rewards…

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Making the Most of Educational Vacations

Are your kids experiencing summer brain drain? If so, educational vacations may be the cure. On average, students lose 2.6 months’ worth of knowledge during the summer (a majority of the loss information is mathematical computation skills). In fact, teachers usually have to spend four to six weeks going over…

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Evolution of Fatherhood

Part of being a mindful father is striking the right balance between family and professional life. In the past, a father’s identity was based more on factors outside of the home than within it. But over the decades, the evolution of fatherhood is changing. Dads are typically taking on more…

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Are Your Kid’s Home Alone? Don’t Stress

As children rejoice with the start of summer, parents everywhere begin to experience terror. How can parents concentrate at work with visions of their kids fighting and setting kitchen fires at home? And how can they enjoy the simple pleasures of summer when they are in a constant state of fear…

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