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Fall in Love With Cycling

With the convenience of cars and public transit, people tend to forgo traveling by bike. That’s a shame! There are numerous physical and mental health benefits of cycling. This spring reduce stress and bond with your loved ones by checking out our four motivational cycling tips. Health Benefits of Cycling May…

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Beat Your Athletic Competitive Stress

Many athletes struggle with performance anxiety. Fortunately, with the right Mindful tips, it’s possible to reduce your anxiety and perform to your full potential. For the Mindful Athletes™, this is a must read! All athletes, from runners to ballerinas, experience performance anxiety. While many try to calm themselves in order…

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Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond’s Inspiring True Story of Olympic Proportions

If you don’t know who Derek Redmond is, after watching this video, it should be hard to forget him. One of Britain’s most famous athletes is Derek Redmond. In 1985 when he broke the 400m British record achieving a time of 44.82 seconds.  He is a World and European relay…

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Shift Gears This Spring!

Now that spring is here it’s time to get active. Coming out of your winter hibernation can be difficult without the right sort of inspiration. This year try a few new takes on spring exercises that will motivate you to stay active. Here are a few ideal spring exercises to…

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5 Tips for Spring Recreational Activities

Our winter season hibernation is over and it’s time to switch gears into more lively activities. But before you start participating in spring recreational activities, be sure that you’re prepared. With these five mindful tips, you can slowly begin your training and avoid injuries. Studies show that healthy habits decline…

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3 Indoor Workouts for Rainy Days

Have you ever woken up early for your morning run only to realize that’s it raining outside? Whether it’s simply drizzling or raining cats and dogs, most people get discouraged and head back to bed. It’s very tempting, but don’t take the easy way out! Get out of bed and…

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