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Unplug Yourself

These six simple steps are all part of my Unplug Yourself Everyday® regimen. Practice these tips to achieve a life of balance! 6 Simple Stress Tips to Unplug Everyday 1. Laughter. Laugh as often as possible to release the healing hormones known as endorphins—they are the body’s natural painkillers. You don’t…

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Stress Tips for Introverts or Extroverts

Stress Tips for Introverts and Extroverts We all deal with stress differently and this is partially because of our different personality traits. People usually fall into one of two categories: introvert or extrovert, and fortunately, there are plenty of specialized stress tips for introverts or stress tips for extroverts. Are…

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9 Healing Superfoods- National Nutrition Month, MIndful Eating Everyday

9 Healing Superfoods for Nutrition Month

I want to share some healing superfoods that you should have in your diet on a daily basis if possible. Food is a natural medicine for your mind and body and it’s National Nutrition Month. I thought it would be a good time to share some of the invaluable information…

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