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Frozen Treats for Pets this Summer

Summer is here and depending on where you live, this hot weather is not letting up. While you look for ways to cool down, don’t […]

Heal Depression Now

Depression is a serious health condition that impacts the lives of millions of people. There are currently 19 million Americans with depression. And according to […]

Reduce Your Travel Stress

One of the reasons people go on vacations is to lower their stress, but there are many obstacles that can get in the way. Travel […]

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Creamy Tropical Coconut Ice Cream

During this summer heat try some refreshing delicious coconut ice cream. Coconut milk is considered a “miracle liquid” because it builds up the body’s immune system […]

Have the Best Picnic Ever!

Picnics Are a Celebration! For me, thinking of our family picnics brings floods of incredibly happy memories. We were picnic freaks. We had picnics everywhere […]

DIY Natural Deodorant

With Mindful exercise comes a lot of not-so-pleasant sweat, and nowadays people are turning to do-it-yourself recipes to rid themselves of offensive body odor. You […]

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Homemade Pup Food in a Snap!

Millions of people are starting the new year by investing in their health, but what about our dogs? If your pet needs to lose a […]