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This Year, Kick Your Smoking Habit

Have you made quitting your smoking habit your New Year’s resolution? You aren’t alone. Reducing or quitting smoking is one of the top ten New […]

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6 New Year Credit Boosters

A new year generally means a fresh start filled with opportunities and forgiveness. Unfortunately, financial forgiveness can be hard to find, especially when it comes […]

3 Green New Year’s Resolutions

Not sure what your New Year’s resolution should be? Here’s an idea: go green! It’s easier than you might think and the planet will thank […]

Clutter Clearing For the Soul

Start  Clutter Clearing Today Have you ever felt stuck? Not just mentally, but physically and emotionally stuck too? New clothes, new surroundings, or a new […]

How to Keep New Year Resolutions

We make New Year’s resolutions to improve our lives, but sometimes the process of setting and accomplishing our goals can be a challenge. Although millions […]

Cure the New Year’s Blues

Typically the new year is an exciting time for people. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start—a time for people to channel their energy to […]

Career Resolutions for the New Year

Having a hard time staying motivated at work? Feeling frustrated with the pace of your career? Maybe you should try posting a list of encouraging […]