Avoid the Heat Stress this Summer

Prolonged exposure to heat can cause illness and even death. You can experience summer heat stress, heat rash, and heat exhaustion when you’re outdoors and even when you’re indoors (specifically areas without proper ventilation or cooling systems). There are certain conditions that can be very dangerous for your health such…

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Tasty Avocado Egg Salad

Eggs are a symbol of life and over the centuries they have become synonymous with Easter. Chocolate eggs and egg hunts are common Easter traditions. This month we are featuring an egg salad recipe with a fresh spring look and a surprise ingredient: avocados. In the past, people have been…

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Water is a Great Stress Reducer

Drinking a glass of water is a simple way to reduce your stress. When you experience stress, refresh your body right away by sipping some water. This is especially true during this summer heat. Every organ in your body must have water to facilitate your mind and body functions. When…

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Spiritual Healing Trip

Taking a spiritual healing trip will change your life. For thousands of years, shamans and faith healers have functioned under the belief that physical illness results from imbalances. These imbalances are within our emotional and energy bodies. This will ultimately express through the physical body (most commonly as a chronic/debilitating disease). Even science has begun to…

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Healing Summer Skin Damage

With the number of beach visitors slowly winding down and pools starting to close for the season, it’s time for us to assess the health of our skin after a long, heated summer. Many summer factors can wreak havoc on the health of your skin including ultraviolet rays from the…

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