From Stress to Authentic Success

Listen as the ‘Queen of Stress’, Dr. Kathleen Hall, explains her view on stress with many practical tips and strategies on stress resilience and mindful […]

Are You Really Free?

This month we celebrate the 4th of July. This month symbolizes our freedom. We celebrate our freedom that came at a great cost. Many have […]

The Perversion of America

Our Independence is Killing Us The 4th of July asks us, “What does it mean to be an American?” We cherish our independence while many […]

credit scoring system, social credit system, social credit score

What is Your Social Credit Score?

Move over Experian and Equifax! We all know about our credit scoring system with credit reporting agencies such as Experian and Equifax. These credit agencies report our […]

life in the universe, alone in the universe, life on Earth

I Hope We Are Humans Not Alone

Are We Alone in the Universe? There is more research to think we earthlings are alone in the universe. Some scientists have taken a new […]

2020: The Year of Mindful Living

Thank you for trusting our message and commitment to save our people and our sacred planet. We need to learn to live mindfully now more […]