KPMG Supports Maternity Leave, KPMG pays Stacy Lewis Maternity Leave, KPMG pays LPGA Star Maternity Leave, Serena Williams Leads Maternity Leave Movement, KPMG is Our Mindful Company

KPMG Pays Golfer Stacy Lewis Maternity Leave

Women who play professional golf are penalized for wanting a family. Women in the LPGA do not get maternity leave when they have a baby. Pausing to begin a family stops the women golfer’s income. Their sponsorship contracts do not usually allow for benefits while having their baby or taking…

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Mindfulness vs McMindfulness, McMindfulness haters, What’s Right About McMindfulness,

What’s Right About McMindfulness?

For over 20 years I’ve tried to make peace with these elitist, arrogant, narrow-minded so-called mindfulness experts who disparage what they term McMindfulness but no longer. I am sick and tired of this group of self-proclaimed, “mindfulness insiders” telling the world who and what mindfulness is and is not, and…

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Olympic Inspiration, The Way I See It

Start Your Impossible and Stay Motivated

Olympic Inspiration The 2018 Winter Olympics were astounding. The incredible Olympic athletes always inspire us to follow our dreams and stay motivated. Many athletes have started with the impossible. Olympic athletes have overcome incredible odds to be the best in the world. Most athletes have suffered enumerable injuries, emotional trials,…

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Pappy & Puppy: 2018 National Championship Game

The pappy takes on the puppy at the 2018 National Championship  Game in Atlanta, Monday, January 8, at the new illustrious Mercedes Benz stadium. The Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide play each other for the sought after first place trophy. My daughter and husband are huge Georgia fans.…

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