John Lewis Was a Living Saint

I met John several times here in Atlanta. Those of us involved in human rights, women’s rights, LBGTQ rights, and even animal rights in Atlanta, […]

Love is a Decision in This Crisis

I wrote this original article in February 2014 and believe it is worth publishing again today. Originally I wrote this note for Valentine’s Day 2014. […]

Wake Up, America

This Mindful Living Network user has a “wake up” message for America.

Road Rage

A short video about how this Mindful Living Network viewer sees road rage.

Selfish People

A short video about selfish people and those who don’t see the bigger picture of their life and the world in general.

A Mindfulness Makeover

Sometimes we all need a mindfulness makeover. Being mindful means trying to engage your attention and keep it in the present moment. Mindfulness shouldn’t only be reserved […]

Stop Your Financial Anxiety

Want help to stop your financial anxiety? It’s time to be mindful about your money. It’s best to become aware of your financial status and  […]