Cheap Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

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Feeling the heat this summer? Unfortunately, staying cool in the heat can cost you major bucks if you’re blasting the air conditioning. And if you don’t have air conditioning you’ll need a creative cooling solution. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you stay cool in summer heat waves, beat summer heat stress, and save money.

What is Hyperthermia?

Staying cool in the summer is essential. Our bodies have natural cooling systems (sweating); however, if sweating is not enough to cool the body there is an increased risk of hyperthermia. This heat-related illness causes heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke. The most vulnerable are the elderly, young children, and people who are ill or obese. Hyperthermia occurs when a person is exposed to heat for extended periods of time, even if they’re indoors.

Fortunately today, two-thirds of American homes have air conditioning systems—this is great for our national health, but operating these systems can be costly. The total amount households spend to power these systems every year is $11 billion. Listed below are a few cost-efficient ways to stay cool without the aid of air conditioners.

6 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer
  • Chanel the cool air. What’s the best way to cool a room without AC? Creating a cool environment without air conditioning. For instance, use ceiling fans or box fans instead of air conditioners. Draw the shades and blinds closed during the daytime to keep the sun from heating your home. And shut the door to unoccupied rooms to keep central locations cool.
  • Avoid certain heating appliances. Cooking in your oven during the summer can heat the whole house. Instead, try making meals in the microwave or use your outdoor grill. Cooking in your crockpot is also a great summertime solution.
  • Choose the right fabrics. In the summer, cotton is the perfect fabric. Make sure the sheets on your bed are cotton so you can stay cool as you sleep. Also, remember to wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing around the house as well.
  • Ice is your friend. Ice and cold water is your friend during the summer. For instance, try taking cold showers or using a cold compress on your pulse points. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but it’ll do the trick. Also, try sleeping with a cool pack—just fill a hot water bottle with water, place it in the fridge or freezer, and take it out just before bed. To chill the air, place an open container filled with ice in front of a fan or try putting a damp towel over a fan.
  • Reconsider your diet. Eating hot meals (“hot” in terms of temperature or spiciness) can make you hot in the summer. Instead, try lighter meals such as salads. Also, be sure to indulge in healthy, chilled snacks, such as frozen grapes, fruit sorbet, or healthy popsicles.
  • Find another source of cool air. On particularly hot days get out the house and soak up other people’s air conditioning. Malls, bookstores, movie theaters, and restaurants typically keep their air conditioning blasting in the summer months, and they’re great places to visit on hot days.

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