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Chocolaty Gifts for All

by MLN Staff

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or promotion, chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. Of course, you can always buy a box of chocolate, but why not take your gift a step further and get a little creative? Homemade chocolaty gifts are a sweet way of showing someone you care.

In honor of National Chocolate Day, check out these five homemade chocolaty gift ideas.

Truffle boxes

 Skip the usual chocolate box and try something slightly different. Truffles are fancy, sweet treats that are simple to make—you only need a few ingredients (quality chocolate, condensed milk, and flavorings) and no baking time is required. You can make a variety of flavors just like a traditional chocolate box. Here’s a recipe for chocolate truffles with sea salt, bourbon pecan truffles, and dark chocolate coconut truffles.

Chocolate-covered treats

 Want something a little more unusual? Consider chocolate-dipped treats instead. These snacks will be a big hit for people who just want a small taste of chocolate. A bouquet of chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks could be a big hit, and they can be made in a flash. If you aren’t interested in pretzels consider chocolate-covered popcorn or chocolate-covered potato chips.


 Everyone loves a good candle, so consider making your own as a gift. All you need is soy candle wax, a candlewick, fragrant oil, and colorants. You can find a full recipe here. To get that chocolaty look and scent, use cocoa fragrance oil and dark brown coloring. For an additional bonus consider setting your candle in a mug. The finished product will look like a cup of hot cocoa.


 You can help bring a little luxury to a friend’s bath time with cocoa-scented soap. The recipe from Humblebee and Me consists of oils, French red clay, cocoa absolute, cocoa powder, milk powder, coffee granules, and vanilla flakes. The recipe also makes multiple bars, so it’s great for big occasions such as bridal party or birthday party favors. (Note: the coffee and cocoa absolute may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin).

Chocolate kits

 If you’re looking for a simple gift for your child’s teacher or for a coworker, consider a homemade chocolate kit. You can package up a homemade s’mores kit with a little string. Or you can try making a hot cocoa kit packaged in a home-stained wood box. Hot cocoa kits usually consist of hot cocoa mix, peppermint, and marshmallows. But don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Include small packages of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, caramel sauce, or lavender so the recipients can mix and match the ingredients and make their own unique flavors.

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