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Clutter Clearing For the Soul

Start  Clutter Clearing Today

Have you ever felt stuck? Not just mentally, but physically and emotionally stuck too? New clothes, new surroundings, or a new attitude can help at times, but on some occasions, it’s not enough. The solution:  letting go of unnecessary clutter from your life, a full physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental clearing. There’s no better time to start than now.

Begin Clutter Clearing by Following These Valuable Steps

Step One: Clear Out Your Physical Space

Start with your bedroom. Get rid of junk mail, clothes you’ve never worn, and old gifts that you’ll never use. When your space is clean, your mind will be at peace. Next, work outwards to common living spaces like the living room. Give particularly dirty areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and front entryway of your home a thorough scrub. Then move outside and beyond your yard, your car, and your office. It may seem like a lot; but in some cases, the physical cleaning is the easiest part.

Step Two: Clear Out Your Mental Space

Is negativity crowding up your valuable head space? Whether it’s directed toward you or others, now’s the time to start fresh. Be kinder to yourself and more forgiving of others. Be mindful of the content you absorb from the Internet, TV, books, etc. Make more time for meditation. And, if possible, consider visiting a counselor or therapist. Your mental health is important.

Step Three: Clear Out Your Contacts

This step is easier said than done. Letting go of relationships (romantic or platonic) should never be taken lightly. On the other hand, when a relationship turns sour it can be toxic to your emotional health. Use this clearing-out time to have honest (possibly uncomfortable) conversations with others. If common ground is impossible, it may be time to mindfully let go.

Step Four: Clear Out Your Diet

Maybe the reason you’re feeling stuck and sluggish is your diet. You are what you eat after all. And sugary coffee drinks and oily fries will only keep your body going for so long. Clean out your diet by reexamining what you eat and clearing out foods that aren’t good for your physical or mental health. Also, to avoid future temptation, be sure to clean out your fridge and pantry while you’re at it.

Step Five: Clear Out Your Bad Habits

Do you go to bed late? Do you smoke? Are you a constant procrastinator? Don’t let your bad habits hold you back! Spend some time coming up with an ultimate game plan for quitting old habits. Share your plan with someone else so they can hold you accountable. You can also try replacing old habits with good ones. Here’s a Mindful article that can help.

Step Six: Clear Out Your Heart

Has fear been nestling in your heart? Remember: you have come so far and seen so much. What do you have to be afraid of? Clear out your fear by looking at old photographs or videos of you conquering your fear, such as pictures of you on your first day at a new school or pictures of you moving away from home for the first time. You’ve conquered fear before and you can do it again! Replace your fear with self-love and confidence. It won’t always be easy, but you have the key within you.

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