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Countdown: Rapture 2011

by MLN Staff

Mindful Living is up in Oak Haven tonight, preparing for the Mt. Laurel Mountain Festival in North Georgia and, of course, the Rapture 2011. As we count down to the moment, we created a Rapture list.

What are your reasons for leaving or staying??! We definitely have more reasons for staying than leaving!

Reasons We’re Staying for the Rapture 2011

  1. Hot, Fresh, Now Krispy Kreme Donuts
  2. Hot, salty fresh McDonalds french fries
  3. Puppies (we have eight babies at the farm right now; if the apocalypse doesn’t take them, who wants to adopt?!)
  4. Netflix
  5. iPhone & iPad & Kindle
  6. Kettle Chips
  7. Boiled Peanuts & DQ Blizzards
  8. Olivia on Law & Order SVU
  9. Varsity Onion Rings & melted Velveeta Cheese with Rotelle
  10. Manicures & Pedicures
  11. Air Conditioning
  12. All the Summer programing that starts 1st Week of June
  13. Naps
  14. A oodg book and a bath
  15. Oprah’s last show
  16. Watching clouds
  17. Videos of kittens on YouTube
  18. High thread count sheets
  19. Sharing a milkshake with spouse/friend
  20. Last installment of the Harry Potter movie

Reasons to Leave the Rapture 2011

  1. Dentist & OBGYN visits
  2. The Gym
  3. Dick Cheney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Mel Gibson and Newt Gingrich all over my TV
  4. April 15th
  5. Aunt Flo
  6. Mammograms
  7. Toilet seats being left up
  8. Other drivers and Traffic
  9. Mosquitos
  10. War

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