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Create Your Vision Board Today

by Dr Kathleen Hall

Do You Want Clarity and Direction For Your Life?

How many of us had good intentions as we created our New Year’s resolutions for this year? Many of us have written them down on a nice list and filed them away or taped them to the refrigerator. This is why the latest research show us that 97% of us do not keep our resolutions to create the life we desire.

Don’t you think an opportunity to change your life for the better with greater health and happiness deserves a little focus, fun and creativity? Begin this year with a Vision Board for your life. Images have a powerful effect on our mind, thoughts, hope, energy, and behavior. You physically look at tangible images that inspire you to move in a new direction. Let’s look at how to create a Vision Board by answering these questions.

What Are Your Goals For This Year?

  • Do you want to create a healthier mind and body? If so what would that look like? If you want to take a yoga class, begin to walk daily or meditate, put a photo of these things on your vision board. Do you want to be stronger or lose weight?
  • Do you want to end or create a new relationship? Do you want more friends? Do you want to create a tribe of friends that meets regularly?
  • How do you feel about your career? How do you feel about your coworkers or work environment? What a change? What does that change look like?
  • How does your home environment feel? Do you love your home? Does it nourish you? Do you have your favorite colors surrounding you along with your favorite things such as books, art, and your animals?

Where Are You Going to Put Your Vision Board?

  • Put your vision board where you can be reminded daily.
  • You will see your goals first thing in the morning and the last thing at night so they implant on your mind.
  • Put your vision board in a public place. This helps you can see your goals regularly. It also helps your family and friends  support you reach your life goals that will lead you to your authentic life.

Do it NOW! 

Don’t over think this or put if off. Grab your magazines or go online to find images that speak to you. Get a poster or grease board, and scissors and get started now. It’s a fun practice that will transform your life!

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