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Creature Comforts for Business Travelers

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Are you a business traveler? Business travel is booming so keeping your sanity while traveling is important. By doing some research and preplanning, you can ensure a pleasurable and successful business trip.

6 Business Trip Tips

So, as you start planning your next business trip, consider the Mindful Travel® tips listed below.

  1. Attire. Packing the right clothes for a business trip can be a challenge. You want to look professional and wrinkle-free while also being comfortable for travel. For proper business travel attire, consider dark colors as they hide wrinkles and stains. Microfiber and blended fabrics also make odor and wrinkle resistant clothes.
  2. Gadgets. Business travel requires the right equipment. For international trips, you’ll need a universal power adapter kit or maybe a language translation device. Keeping your gadgets charged is crucial for any business trip so consider a mini battery pack.
  3. Destination. Before you catch your flight it’s important to research your business destination. Find out which restaurants are best known in the area. If you plan on having free time after meetings look up cultural landmarks you may want to visit or entertaining events that will be going on in the area.
  4. Accommodation. When traveling it may be tempting to stay in a cozy, independent hotel, but it may not be very practical. If you’re a frequent business traveler save the quaint inns for vacations and join a membership with a hotel chain. Many offer rewards and upgraded rooms. USA Today lists Marriott hotels and Holiday Inn as top hotel chains for business travelers.
  5. Transportation. When planning transportation think beyond flight reservations. If your hotel is close consider a mobile navigation app to walk to your meetings without getting lost. If you need a taxi fast consider apps like GetTaxi or Curb. And if you need a guide to public transportation consider the AllSubway app.
  6. Jetlag. It’s the enemy of any business traveler. For a successful business trip, you’ll need to learn how to combat jetlag. Experts have suggested adjusting to the new time zone the night before traveling in order to get a head start, which may mean going to bed earlier. To ease yourself into sleep try using lavender oil on your pillow.

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