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Cures for Cabin Fever

by MLN Staff

The cold weather and fewer daylight hours can keep you stuck inside for days. This can lead to cabin fever and contribute to depression. Fortunately, playing games with the kids or starting a new hobby can help alleviate the ill effects. You can also try taking a mental vacation. By first clearing your mind and then immersing yourself in a mindful distraction you can boost your mood.

Listed below are a few mental vacation tips for cabin fever

  • Meditate. Start your mental vacation with a five-minute meditation break. Sit down on your bed or on your bedroom floor, close your eyes, and clear your mind. Relax and try to connect with your body. Once you’ve quieted down your cabin fever blues you can begin your mental vacation.
  • Read a book. Books are the perfect solution for a mental vacation. With a good book, you can put yourself in a whole new world. If you’re tired of your cold environment consider reading fantasy or sci-fi books. If you want to recapture that feeling of summer consider reading a “beach book,” like a murder mystery or thriller.
  • Watch a movie. An engrossing film can give your brain the break that it’s longing for. Forget the movies set in wintertime and instead pick films that are based in summer or spring. Start a weekly movie night with your friends or family for the rest of winter—it’ll keep your spirits high even on cold winter days.
  • Indoor gardening. With cabin fever you may feel disconnected your physical environment; fortunately, gardening can be a great mental vacation. Gardening has a way of warming up your sense of sight, touch, and smell. Indoor plants can also reduce your stress. Buy some herbs, palms, or succulents. Plant your new greenery in decorative arrangements and place them around your home. You’ll feel better in no time.

Bonus. If you’d rather skip the mental vacation and see far off places instead, consider booking a holiday. People tend to think that vacations are expensive, but at this time of year, you can find some amazing deals. You can find cheap flights or cheap cruise tickets.

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