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Dating Tips for Single Parents

According to the U.S. Census, there are 12 million single parents in America who have kids under 18 years old. For singles, getting back into the dating game after a relationship or marriage has ended can be quite a challenge, especially when children are involved.

Before getting discouraged try these dating tips:

Finding the time

 Single parents are incredibly busy, but there are solutions. Having a great babysitter is a must. Alternative “dates” such as using Skype when you cannot go out or lunch break meetups can work too.

Know where to look

There are plenty of dating services you can find for single parents online. You can also try searching different places you normally visit such as the grocery store, the gym, or the farmers’ market. There are also great kid friendly places where you can find other single parents like the park or children’s museums.

Be honest

When should you tell the new person in your life that you have children? Immediately! Many singletons are afraid of scaring off their potential dates, but waiting too long may cause your date to wonder what else you’re hiding.

Expect wide-range of emotions from your kids

When a parent starts a new relationship may children experience anything from jealousy to confusion. Remember to be patient and listen to your children’s concerns without being defensive. Also, gently explain why dating again is important to you.

The meet-and-greet

 Experts note that kids form attachments quite easily. So when it comes to introducing your children to that special someone be sure that the relationship is stable. Introducing a person you’ve only been on four dates with may not be such a good idea.

How to deal with your date’s impolite children?

Don’t! Disciplining your date’s child may not only cause a rift between you and your date, it may also lead to their children resenting you. If there is a problem speak to your date directly.

Come clean with the Ex?

Once again, honesty is the best policy. Have an open conversation with him or her. And be sure that he or she hear of the dating news from you first and not the children.

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