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Discount Mugs

We ordered 100 stress balls from Discount Mugs (, a company that makes customized promotional pieces, such as pens, notepads, bags, magnets and stress balls.

We needed our order of stress balls ASAP for a presentation. We purchased 100 stress balls with our total order cost over $200. We contacted the company before placing our order asking if these balls were very squishy and soft because they were to be used as stress balls.

The stress balls delivered were as hard as baseballs. The stress balls could not even be squeezed. These balls were the opposite of what Discount Mugs guaranteed before we ordered them.

We immediately contacted Discount Mugs and told them the stress balls were not what they guaranteed. They asked us to take a video of us attempting to squeeze the balls for them to see. You can view the video above.

They only refunded us $40 of the total of our order. We would advise against anyone else using Discount Mugs, because they apparently DO NOT stand behind their products and their customer service is not what we would have expected. 

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