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Discovery Communications: Leading with Sustainable Initiatives

Discovery Communications’ mission statement is as powerful as it proclaims: “ We strive to provide viewers with the highest quality nonfiction content that not only entertains and engages but also enlightens, educates and inspires positive action.” Its programming includes placement for important causes such as drunk driving prevention, environmental concerns, stroke awareness, parental involvement and philanthropic issues.

Discovery communications leads by example in its environmental and sustainability practices

It practices what it preaches. The company encourages its employees to be an ambassador for green living. Involvement in the community is a great commitment by Discovery as well. It promotes HIV/AIDS awareness, the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance, and the Women’s Leadership Network, as well as support local organizations and causes.

Discovery Communications partners with many great service organizations such as One Laptop Per Child, Habitat for Humanity, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the American Red Cross, Petfinder Foundation and National Park Foundation.

Discovery has a commitment to encourage the health and wellness of all employees in the workplace. Discovery wants their employees to thrive and encourages flexible work arrangements, daycare services, wellness centers and onsite healthcare.

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