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Don’t Be a Hostage of Time

Don’t Feel Like a Prisoner

Most of us feel as if we are prisoners of time. We dread time and feel like time is a form of oppression. Many of us feed off a daily mantra of “I’m exhausted” and “I just don’t have enough time.” We are so stressed by time. We are overbooked, overworked, and overwhelmed!

Chronically, feeling that we don’t have enough is an illness we must heal. Time is an enemy we keep at bay instead of a blessing and freedom. Our children mirror our values and our behavior. We are creating generations of children who experience time as hurried and something to manage instead of an experience of joy and reverence. Time is a gift from our source, and we are closer to death with each breath we take. Choose to stop the violence in your soul.

Try These Steps to Take Back Time

Your breath. Once every hour, stop wherever you are, take a deep breath to the count of four, hold to the count of four, and release your breath slowly to the count of four. You reconnect with the present moment and the rhythm of time when you stop and breathe in the moment. This is the first step towards mindful living.

Your walk. Notice how fast you walk. Intentionally slow the cadence of your walk. Instead of rushing through your life in a blur, own your life when you walk and connect with our sacred earth.

Your feast. Prepare and cook your food with reverence and respect, slowly and intentionally. When you sit at the table with your food in front of you, stop and bless your food, its source, and the workers who brought it to your table. Experience the joy of the scent of your food, its color, and its shape. Slow down time as you experience the pure joy of your food.

Your community. Slow down and absorb the love and presence of the people you love. Why rush by your child, who loves you, to do a chore? Why multitask when you are on the phone with your significant other? You are missing the intimate moments that glue a long-term, loving relationship together over time. Be present, and immerse yourself in those who love you.

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