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September 21, 2021

National Doughnut Day

by Dr. Kathleen Hall
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Who doesn’t like a fresh doughnut with cold milk or hot coffee? For National Doughnut Day, go to your local bakery or your grocery store and buy some doughnuts and share them with those you love (many companies are offering doughnut deals today). Once you get your doughnut, put a candle in it and celebrate life. Life is short and each moment is precious. What are you waiting for? Go get your favorite French curl, maple, or chocolate-topped doughnut right now.

Make Your Own Doughnuts

Don’t want to buy doughnuts? Consider making your own! Check out this list of 5 summer doughnut recipes. The list includes mango coconut doughnuts, pineapple strawberry doughnuts, and key lime doughnuts.

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