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Dream Big with Your Vision Board

The Immense Power of Your Imagination

A vision board consists of pictures and phrases that best represent our dreams. We can use it to organize and clarify our life goals, putting our desires within reach. The type of materials needed for this exercise depends on the vision board you plan to design. You can create a vision board with poster board, glue, scissors, and clippings from magazines and newspapers. Or you can also consider an electronic version using pictures from the Internet. You can go online and create vision boards on special websites or social networking websites like Pinterest. You can also use your own computer programs and later print out your final result. No matter what type of vision board you decide to create, you’ll need a unifying idea.

Create Your Vision Today

1. A traditional vision board. Creating a vision board usually begins with visioning, a soul-searching process in which you release yourself from the past and embrace your current, authentic self. You can then start searching for pictures that answer important life questions. Discover these photos or images online or in magazines. Consider themes such as who you want to become (parent, new career, entrepreneur, etc.) or what you want from life (peace, adventure, love, etc.).

Young woman working in creative desktop2. Your creative energy board. You don’t need to answer large life questions for this board; instead, focus on images and phrases that trigger an emotional reaction within you. It could be a shot of the Grand Canyon, a picture of a kitten, or a quote from your favorite author. Collect them and later make a vision board filled with creative energy that you can use as daily inspiration.

3. Your anti-vision board. Aren’t sure what your dreams are? Well, sometimes knowing what you don’t want will push you in right direction. So, if the first two options don’t work for you, consider creating a board filled with the things you know you don’t want (like being stuck at your current job, home, etc.). You can use it as a motivation to keep moving forward.

Bonus. Remember, your vision board is just a map of where you do and do not want to go. So, don’t forget the most important step: action. As Leonardo da Vinci says, “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” So take steps every day to accomplish your goals. For instance, if your vision board is filled with your dreams of being a writer or running a marathon you’ll need to write or exercise every day.

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