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Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have a gift in mind? Gadgets and ties are some of the most common Father’s Day gift ideas. But this year way not try to add your own Mindful twist? Our thriving eco-friendly industry offers a wide range of products that would make great presents for dads that want to do their part in helping protect the environment.

Listed below are a few Mindful eco-freindly father’s day gift ideas

  1. Eco-Accessories. Want to buy your dad new shoes? Consider Timberland’s eco-conscious line called Earthkeepers. They have shoes that are made from 100 percent organic cotton canvas, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled rubber. If your dad needs a new watch, consider one that uses solar power to recharge the battery. Does he need a new wallet? Jetsam makes chic wallets that are reconstructed from vintage neckties and wool suiting. For eco-friendly sunglasses, try Solo Eyewear. They make fun sunglasses from bamboo.
  2. Green Gadgets. For Father’s Day consider giving them a gadget that’s also great for the environment. There are backpacks that use solar energy to charge handheld devices like smartphones and iPods. Or you can update some of his computer equipment with a biodegradable and eco-friendly, bamboo mouse and keyboard set.
  3. Yard Lovers. Does your dad take great pride in his yard or garden? If so, consider giving them green gardening/ yard equipment. Neuton makes battery-powered lawn mowers that are more cost efficient and less hazardous for the environment than gas mowers. Or consider a hammock made from reclaimed seatbelts that have been dyed and woven together.
  4. Environmental Donations or Memberships. If your father would rather not receive a gift this year consider giving a donation instead. Pledge a donation to an environmental cause in his name like a local botanical garden or national park. Also, consider foundations like the National Wildlife Federation or Oceana. You can also consider purchasing a membership to a local community garden or park for your dad.

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