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Eco Halloween Decor

by MLN Staff

Are you doing some last minute shopping for your Halloween party? Need some decoration tips? Here’s an idea to go green and have a creepy Eco Halloween decor!

Halloween is big business for the retail industry. This year, Americans will spend $2.7 billion on decorations, $2.7 billion on candy, and $410 million on greeting cards. This means heaps of candy wrappers and Halloween decorations will end up in landfills after the holiday. To reduce this waste, people can offer eco candy to trick-or-treaters and decorate with eco-friendly decorations.

Listed below are a few ideas to help you make your Eco Halloween decor breathtaking

Vegetables, Fruits, and Foliage—Oh My!
  • Pumpkins and gourds. What says Halloween more than pumpkins? This year skip the plastic pumpkins and decorate your home with real pumpkins instead. Carve scary faces into your pumpkins. Or, if you want to avoid the mess, cut a mouth, a nose, and eyes out of eco-friendly paper and attach them to the pumpkins. If your local store is out of pumpkins decorate other gourds for a more modern look.
  • Oranges, leaves, and pine cones. You can also decorate for your party with fruit and foliage. Give your kids a set of permanent markers and let them decorate oranges with crazy faces. The kids can also go in the backyard or to the local park, collect leaves, paint them white and string them together as spooky garland. With pipe cleaners, glue, colored eco-friendly paper, and scissors, your kids can turn pinecones into scary spiders or cute little owls.
Turn Recycling to Decorations

Do you recycle a lot of plastic milk jugs and egg cartons? Do you know someone who does? If so, you can turn these recyclable materials into fun party decorates.

  • Milk jug spirits. Decorate your front porch or walkway with a line of spooky spirits. All you need are clean milk jugs, a black permanent marker, a box cutter, and clear Christmas lights. Use the marker to draw faces on the jugs and use the box cutter to make holes for the lights to weave through. The final product is a cool, glowing décor.
  • Milk jug skeletons. Looking for something a bit more complex? With seven clean milk jugs, a box cutter, fishing line, paint, and this template, you can create a fun skeleton for your Halloween bash.
  • Egg carton bat. Have some extra egg cartons lying around? If so, paint them black, cut them using this template, add eyes and ribbon with glue, and voila—you’ll have adorable little bats to hang at your party!

Remember. After your party, be sure to recycle or compost your decorations!

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