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Embrace Aging

Many people, young and old, have negative stereotypes about aging, and a new study suggests that this may have a bigger impact on our senior citizens than we originally thought. In a University of Toronto study, researchers studied 301 older adults (from 56 to 96 years old). The participants took tests to analyze their hearing and memory abilities. Researchers also recorded the participants’ perceptions about their own abilities. And in the study, researchers found a correlation between those who had negative thoughts about aging and those who performed poorly on the ability tests. In this preliminary study, researchers noted that changing how older adults embrace aging could improve their lives and their abilities.

Here are three helpful tips  to let go of negative feelings and embrace aging and this beautiful part of life.

  • Live in the present. Many people have negative feelings about aging because they fear the future. You can change your feelings about aging by living in the moment. Appreciate the small things during your day like morning walks with your dog or hugs from your kids. Making the most of your present will help you look forward to the future.
  • Prepare for the future. Another reason people have negative feelings about growing older is because they aren’t prepared for the future. You can embrace aging and prepare for the future by investing in your overall well being. Set aside money for your retirement. Invest in tools that can help you improve your mental capabilities. And be sure to take care of your physical health.
  • Refocus your energy. Worrying and refusing to accept aging will only cause you more pain in the long run. Don’t try to avoid the inevitable and instead, focus your energy on accepting this beautiful part of life. Put aside your daily anti-aging beauty routine and focus your energy towards something else. Use that time to better your soul. Try learning a new skill or starting a new hobby.

Do you need more tips? Check out this Mindful Living Network clip with Dr. Kathleen Hall and learn how stress can affect the aging process.

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