Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

It’s August! August is our last month to enjoy the gifts of summer. 

Find a place to immerse your body in water and get some summer sun. Get to the beach, a river, a lake, or a pool while the summer lasts. You will carry these summer memories through the gray winter days. Visit nearby gardens. Before we know it, the flowers will die, and the leaves will fall to the ground. Enjoy the beauty, color, texture, and scent of the flowers and gardens of summer while they last.

Eat all the local fresh fruit and veggies you can find. Enjoy the remaining tastes of summer in the sweet watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and corn while they last. Deeply listen to the sounds of summer that will be fading soon. The crickets, frogs, hummingbirds, and leaves are blowing in the summer breeze. Let’s all be mindful and enjoy the gifts of the sacred, green, last month of summer. Immerse yourself into the precious month of August.

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