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Focus on Love Because Love is in the Air

The spiraling damage of anxiety plaguing our world is destroying our mental and physical health and the health of those we love. Valentine’s Day is just what the doctor ordered. Emerging science tells us there are steps we can take to heal our hearts and souls in these dark times. 

Let’s really focus on love this Valentine’s Day as never before.  For one day, clear your mind of our worries and focus on love. Love is a healing balm to the mind, body and soul.  Love creates energy, hope and mental and physical health. So, for this one day, I am asking our nation to focus on the magic and gift of LOVE.

Simple Tips: Stop the Fears and Focus on Love

Gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude. It is physiologically impossible to be stressed and grateful simultaneously. When you experience stress, immediately smile and repeat something you are grateful for such as your health, your family, or the life you’ve been given. Repeat after me, “I am grateful for my loving cat or dog.”
Color.  Shift from the winter doldrums and wear your favorite color.  Color is energy and creates passion and joy. Hint: purple is the number one color this year. It is the color of spirituality, happiness and hope. 
Flowers.  Get one flower you love. Research from a Harvard study found a simple bouquet of fresh flowers in your home or office can help you worry less, reduce anxiety and as a result, boost your kindness and compassion.
Email.  Email all the people you love today. Connect with those you love and tell them what they have meant in your life. You are spreading love virally and heaven knows we all need to experience love these days. Research shows isolation can lead to chronic disease while the benefits of a community provide physical, mental, and spiritual growth and well-being.  Make sure the subject line reads, “Why I love you today!”
Food.  Celebrate this day with a great meal and a great dessert. Food glues us together and creates the ritual that sustains us through these tough times. Make sure it includes chocolate! Research shows a daily dose of dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and death. Chocolate affects the levels of endorphins in the brain too, lowering depression and stress hormone levels.
Music. Download your favorite music to your iPod and find five minutes in the morning and in the afternoon to listen to music, dance, or sing to de-stress. Listening to your favorite music releases the calming chemical serotonin into your body and singing can give you an immune boost. 
Water.  Shower or bathe with your favorite scent today. Cherish your precious body and love every part of your body as you bathe and be grateful for your health.  Water cleanses and relaxes the mind and body. 
Positive Self Talk. Create a positive affirmation you love such as “Keep letting go, all is well, or I am in balance”. During the day repeat this short saying to yourself and reduce stress and create love. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day and many of them are negative. Research tells us individuals who memorize affirmations have lower stress levels than those who do not repeat affirmations in stressful times. 



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