For Father’s Day, Get Him to the Doctor’s Office

Father’s Day is a time to honor our loving parent. And there is no greater way to show that you care than by ensuring that they live a long, healthy life. This Father’s Day get your beloved dad to the doctor’s office for a overdue checkup.

Does this description sound like your dad: stressed, stubborn, and just can’t spare a moment to visit the doctor’s office? Well, this year, give him a gift of peace of mind (for himself and for everybody that cares about him). Consider scheduling an annual checkup or routine physical for your father. If he does not have a regular family doctor, many neighborhood pharmacies and local grocery stores have mini clinics that can run routine checks for patients at around $60 to $100 a visit.

Recent research has showed that one in three men have not seen a doctor in the last year. In fact, further research shows that one in four men have not seen a doctor in the last three years. Their reasons for not visiting a doctor range from lack of time and the hassle of waiting to proclaiming that they feel “just fine.”

Here are a few Mindful tips for getting your father to the doctor’s office:

  1. Prevention is key. Even if he feels fine, patients with diseases and chronic illnesses that are detected early (heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.) have a higher rate of recovering and surviving longer than those that wait it out.
  2. What is the baseline? Collecting patient’s basic data is crucial in setting a baseline or patient history–in case of emergencies (heart rate and cholesterol counts), a patient’s normal/regular health information provides key insights to his or her health.
  3. Increase age=higher risk. As men get older, they are in more risks of developing colon and prostate cancer. Getting screened early means early detection and saving lives.
  4. Get over it and talk. Encourage your father to open up and talk about his health. Be persistent and pose direct questions that make it hard for him to avoid answering them. By showing how much it means for you to see him visit the doctor, he will be more likely to show up for the visit.


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