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4 Roots of Happy Living

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Looking for a little happiness in your life? You hold the key! There are four essentials for happiness and they lead to a healthier mind, body, and soul. These four roots will ground you into your true S.E.L.F.

4 Roots of Happy Living

Read below for Mindful Living Everyday® techniques to happy living. These four roots are created and designed by Dr. Kathleen Hall, author of Mindful Living Everyday.


Serenity is discovering how to create calm and balance in your daily life. You must become aware of your thoughts and emotions and use three simple tools. First, memorize personal affirmations like “I am protected and guided” or “I am grateful for my life.” Repeat these serenity affirmations to yourself and experience calm. Secondly, listen to music that calms you, whether it is Beethoven or nature sounds. Lastly, keep a personal memento handy to calm your mind.


Physical activity restores your health and gives you energy. Exercise is all about alignment, about discovering the rhythm or flow of energy in your life. You might keep an exercise DVD with you and pop it in when you have 10 minutes. Or, place your treadmill in front of your TV and walk for 30 minutes while watching your favorite show. To refocus at work learn yoga poses that you can do at your desk or in your office.


Love is experiencing new meaning, purpose, and promise through intimacy and community. So, get involved with a local charity that touches your heart, whether it’s an animal shelter or a children’s hospital. True intimacy promises endless opportunities for physical, mental, and spiritual growth and well-being. So, spend extra time with loved ones on the weekend. Or keep in touch with your long-distance friends. Lastly, remember that isolation can lead to increased risk of health problems like heart disease and depression. Release yourself from loneliness by taking mindful steps for making new friends.


Food is nourishment, which includes anything you consume into your body, mind, and soul.  It’s all sustenance taken in through your senses, and it affects your physical and mental health. So, invest in a healthier lifestyle by eating foods that can boost your brainpower or reduces stress. Nourish your mind with mindful books and nourish your soul with spiritual reflection.

As you practice these four roots, you will emerge a stronger, healthier and more resilient self.

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