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Fun St. Patrick’s Day Parades

by MLN Staff
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March is Irish-American Heritage Month and millions of people have been celebrating by making traditional foods or visiting Irish exhibits, but one of the biggest celebrations this month is St. Patrick’s Day and the many St. Patrick’s Day parade celebrations.

Parades, religious ceremonies, and family gathering are all part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Listed below are just a few of the hundreds, if not thousands, of St. Patrick’s Day parades that are being held across the country. Be sure to check your local newspaper or community website to see if there will be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in your town.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades
  • Buffalo (March 19th). In Buffalo, New York, the United Irish American Association hosts the Saint Patrick’s Day parade, which is ranked as the best in the country. The Buffalo parade is also said to be ones of the longest running in the U.S. In fact, they’re celebrating their 77th parade. The festivities begin with a mass held at a local cathedral. And the parade usually features bagpipers, Irish dancers, and Irish clubs. If you’re in town be sure to check it out. 
  • Savannah (March 17th). In Savannah, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins at ten o’clock in the morning. On the following day you can watch the Savannah Kilt and Kolor Run (a 5k for adults and a half-mile for the kids) or attend the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, which features live music, vendors, a food court, a dance party, and giveaways. There’s a lot of fun, smaller activities around town as well.
  • New Orleans. This city is known for its big parties. So it probably comes as no surprise that New Orleans has numerous parades and parties in the month of March. On March 17th, there will be block parties as well as two parades (The Molly’s at the Market Irish Parade and the Downtown Irish Club Parade). On the 18th and the 19th, there will also be an Italian-American parade and an Irish-Italian parade. Check out this link for more information.
  • Cedar Rapids (March 17th). Because of its traditions, costs, safety, accessibility, and holiday weather, the Cedar Rapids St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were ranked as the fourth best in the U.S. This local tradition began in 1975—the parade was a block and a half long and it lasted about four minutes. Since then the parade has certainly grown. This year, Cedar Rapids will be hosting its 42nd annual parade. There will also be post-parade celebrations including DJ music as well as food and beverages.
  • Springfield (March 18th). Springfield, Missouri will be hosting its 37th Patrick’s Day parade this year. There will also be an Irish pet contest as well as an awards ceremony. Some of the awards include “best float,” “best musical entry,” and “best costume.” The parade starts at 2 p.m. If you’re nearby by sure to check it out.

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