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Norway’s Picturesque Geirangerfjord

by Andrea Greengard

There aren’t many views as scenic as this one in Norway. Relax and enjoy the picturesque view of Geiranger, a small village in western Norway, at the head of Geirangerfjord. Part of the steepmountain road weaves through the village, connecting to lookout, which has views over the fjord. The fjord’s waterfalls, including the Seven Sisters, the Suitor and the Bridal Veil, are visible only by boat.

The fjord is 260 metres deep while the surrounding mountains are 1600-1700 metres high. The fjord is also known for its spectacular waterfalls and deserted fjord farms high up on the steep cliffsides. The idyllic nature and the dramatic mountains make Geirangerfjord one of Norway’s most popular natural attractions.

Video stream compliments of Hotel Union Geiranger

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