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Mindful Gift Ideas for Tweens

When it comes to young teenage trends they’re here for one minute and gone the next. Knowing what to buy that special tween in your life can be confusing and rather frustrating. Listed below are some gift ideas for tweens to inspire you.

5 Gift Ideas for Tweens this Holiday Season


  • Smartphone stand. Looking for a witty but practical gift? iStuck is a smartphone stand designed to look like bubble gum.
  • USB port. Does the tween not have a smartphone? Try a funny USB port! With the many devices kids use today, a USB port could come in handy. Now they come in unique shapes like dog bones, spiders, and skateboards.


  • Miniature drum set. Know a tween that’s been dying for a drum set? Give them a roll up drum kit. It’s flat and will plug into a laptop.
  • Fun earphones. To keep their ears warm while they listen to music consider American Eagle’s earmuffs which have removable earbuds inside.
  • iPod headphone converter. If your tween wants to share their music consider Belkin’s RockStar. With the RockStar five headphones can listen to music on an iPod or DVD player.

Art and Crafts

  • Creative kits. If the tween in your life is into crafts there are plenty of options you can choose from. Project Runway has kits that tweens can use to decorate and accessorize their own outfits. There’s also a microwavable s’mores maker by Progressive International that tweens will love.


  • Perfume. Instead of scented lotions, consider a perfume science kit. With the Thames and Kosmos kit tweens can learn what goes into fragrances while mixing the oils.
  • Makeup and school supplies in one. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose gift try Ice Cream Lip Gloss Pens. The cone shaped devices come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors and have black ink.


  • Baseball. If your tween loves baseball you can get them a personalized bat with their name on it from Personal Creations.
  • Football. To get their friends in on the action Nerf has a flag football kit that comes with flags, enough for eight players.

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