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Glitter Harms the Planet

by MLN Staff

Glitter adds glamour and sparkle to anything—from shoes and makeup to greeting cards and Christmas ornaments. Unfortunately, this fun product is doing more harm than we realize. Glitter harms the planet and many environmental groups are calling for an international ban. To help save the planet, it’s time that we invest in eco-glitter options.

How glitter harms the planet and what is made of?

Glitter is made from aluminum and plastic bonded with polyethylene terephthalate or PET. Much like plastic bottles, these microscopic pieces of plastic pollute the environment for hundreds of years. Every time you wash glitter off your face or hands, the glitter pollutes our rivers, lakes, and oceans. According to the Mother Nature Network, the chemicals in the glitter collect toxins once left floating in our water, turning the glitter into “little balls of chemicals.” Fish and other marine life are known to consume the glitter, thus impacting animal life and us as well.

3 Mindful Companies That Use Eco-Glitter

Fortunately, there is an eco alternative to plastic and metal-based glitter. Numerous companies are now using eco-glitter in their products. Listed below are just a few companies and products for you to consider.

Glittery craft supplies

If you are planning to use glitter for your next craft project, consider buying “green” glitter from suppliers like Eco Glitter Fun. You can find glitter in a variety of colors and types (from chunky to fine). Eco Glitter Fun’s glitter is biodegradable  made from a certified compo stable film. It’s also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Glittery party products

Glitter is a great addition to any party, wedding, or celebration. One fun trend that’s catching on is glitter bars. A twist on a face painting stations, glitter bars are stations where guests and partygoers can decorate their faces and bodies with glitter. If you’re in the UK and would like to have a glitter bar that doesn’t hurt the environment, consider companies like EcoStardust. Their glitter is biodegradable and you can order an Eco-Glitter Bar package with glitter, gems, application gels, and more.

Glittery bath and beauty products

Do you love glittery bath and beauty products, like bath bombs, shower gels, and makeup? Consider buying products from Lush. This eco-friendly company is committed to selling child labor-free products. Also they do not harm the environment. Their glittery items are made from synthetic fluorphlogopite. They are safe and biodegradable.

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