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Going Green is Good For Your Health

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Over the years, families, schools, and companies around the world have been going green. This environmental initiative has changed the way we think about our trash and our other harmful practices that are further polluting our planet. This going green movement has a huge, positive impact on the environment, but that’s not all. Going green can also have a huge impact on our health.

Benefits of Going Green

Listed below are five go green ideas for boosting your health.

  1. Rethink your cleaning methods. Do you experience stressful headaches while using traditional cleaning products in your home? Toxic chemicals may be causing these aches. Consider using alternative cleaning solutions made from natural ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar, and essential oils. They are less likely to give you stressful headaches and they are eco-friendly.
  2. Ride a bike or share a ride. You can reduce your carbon footprint and your stress in two simple ways. One technique to consider is riding your bike more, instead of driving your car. Your body will benefit from the exercise while producing endorphins that will reduce your stress. Another technique to consider is carpooling to work. Sharing a ride helps you laugh, talk and share with other people, which reduces stress and creates community.
  3. Grow your own food. Eco-therapy is a great stress-busting technique. Growing a garden and immersing yourself in nature can reduce stress and depression. Try going to a local garden center and purchase the vegetable plants you’ll love to eat. Have the entire family get into gardening, harvesting and eating your homegrown food. When you grow your own food you’ll be helping mother earth and boosting your health.
  4. Shut down your tech devices. Though our smartphones, computers, and tablets can make our lives easier at times, they can also cause us stress. Studies show that staying connected and continuously reviewing and sending texts or emails can raise stress levels. Fortunately, you can lower stress and save energy by scheduling a time in which you will power down your devices or schedule a tech detox.  
  5. Invest in upcycle projects. Embracing your creative side can help reduce stress; it’s similar to art therapy. And these projects also help save the planet. Consider taking a weekend to focus on an upcycle project. Consider turning an old breadbox into a docking station, a bottle into a lamp, bottle caps into candles, or a globe into a decorative bowl.  

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