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Google Glass: Seeing the Future?

by Dr Kathleen Hall
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Technology has had a great impact on our lives, changing the way we travel, communicate, and share knowledge. A new invention called Google Glass is combining all of these game-changing features to create a whole new experience.

Google Glass, which had a limited trial release not too long ago, is reported as being a laptop, tablet, and portable phone all rolled into one. Google Glass has a multi-purpose screen that appears to be floating in front of your right eye. With this device and simple voice commands you can use the search engine, check the weather, get directions, translate languages, take pictures, record video, check email, send messages, and have live chats with people, sharing what you see with them.

This one-size fit-all Glass comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, 12 GB of usable memory, and a hefty price tag of $1,500 (though the price is thought to be lowered for the official release). Google reports that the battery life is suppose to last all day and it’s Google’s vision that people wear Glass everywhere, all the time. Thus, Google Glass is the next step in integrating technology in our everyday lives. With this device we can be even more connected to the “cyber world” and we literally don’t have to look away.

Some experts have called Google Glass a “social-interaction project or experiment.” The way we travel, communicate and share knowledge may never be the same if this device takes off. Imagine if you’re traveling in a foreign destination by yourself. With a simple voice command you can call a loved one and visually share the experience with them. Want to take a picture of your kid during a sports event. With a camera or smartphone you could miss a great moment, but with the Glass you never have to look away. Of course, as with any experiment, this new device has raised many questions on social interaction and technology.

Is this really a Mindful Technology?

With the stealth design of the Glass and no indicator light, it’s now possible for people to record conversations and take pictures without other people even knowing about it and without asking for permission. While security cameras and special spy equipment having been doing this very thing for decades, this may be the first device that brings this sort of power to the masses for everyday use.

The goal of Google Glass is to help us “access the technology we love without being withdrawn from the moment.” However, this may not always be true. It’s already considered rude to glance down at your smartphone when someone is talking, but with the Glass you have the potential to be constantly distracted. Will your boss, friends, and family members feel like they have you’re undivided attention when you’re wearing this device?

What do you think of Google Glass? Are you considering buying a pair? Let us know!

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