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Check out the gorilla forest cam! The corridor connects the gorillas’ night quarters with the DRC forest habitat at GRACE and is the area viewers will most often see the Grauer’s gorillas as they come and go from the forest. Watch as the gorillas pass through, graze on vegetation, and maybe even make a nest for their overnight slumber. The gorillas can choose where to sleep and they often choose to bed down inside their night building, but they sometimes sleep outside too. Also, because they eat so much fibrous vegetation, gorillas spend a lot of time resting and digesting. Expect to see some spectacularly lazy afternoon nap sessions! 

Best Times to Watch

The gorilla forest cam is live all night. You may also enjoy the “best” viewing hours, which are 2 am -3:30 am PDT and 5:30 am -7 am PDT

GRACE Gorillas

The Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (or GRACE) is located near the Tayna Nature Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their mission is to care for rescued Grauer’s gorillas and to promote the conservation of wild gorillas and their habitat by working with Congolese communities. GRACE cares for orphaned gorillas with the goal of reintroducing them back into the wild. The organization also works with local communities to promote the conservation of forests & sustainable livelihoods, and to foster a peaceful coexistence between humans and gorillas. Want to learn more? Check out their website.

Learn More About Explore.org

EXPLORE is the largest live nature cam network on the planet. Their goal is bring nature to you, raw, unscripted, and unedited. Enjoy the natural world as it unfolds in real time in front of our cameras. EXPLORE.org takes you from Kenya, Africa to the riverbanks of Katmai, Alaska and everywhere in between.

Mindful Living Network is proud to feature many of EXPLORE’s amazing cams here on our site. You can check out all of EXPLORE’s live cams and highlight reels on this section of their website. EXPLORE’s mission is to champion the selfless acts of others, create a portal into the soul of humanity and inspire lifelong learning. That sounds pretty good to us! If you’d like, you can learn more about EXPLORE on their website, www.explore.org

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