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Green on the Cat Walk: Eco-Fashion

by MLN Staff

When looking for some new autumn clothes maybe you should consider sustainable, chic options. Eco-Fashion is becoming the next big thing and comes in an array of options like:

  • Vegan: does not use leather or animal products
  • Fair trade: garments made by organization that promotes good international labor standards
  • Organic: made from natural fibers
  • Recycled: made from existing materials
  • Vintage: second hand

So what Eco-Fashion can you work into your wardrobe this fall and winter?

  • Scarves. Urban Outfitters has started an eco-friendly division called Urban Renewal. You can get their Remnant Circle Scarf which is crafted in Philadelphia with vintage materials. Souchi knitwear uses organic and natural materials. They have an organic cotton wrap called “Annie” that comes in ten different colors.
  • Coats. Indigenous Designs products are organic and fair trade. Their fair trade military jacket is made with 100 percent organic cotton. Vaute Couture sells eco-friendly coats and t-shirts. Their “Hepburn” coat is made from 100 percent recycled vegan fabrics and constructed in New York City.
  • Boots. Mooshoes Inc. sales cruelty-free footwear, t-shirts and other accessories. They sale shoes by the all vegan brand Novacas including an “Avery” ankle boot made from faux leather. Payless also sales some eco-friendly shoes. Their women’s “Poise” buckle boot is made from faux suede, organic cotton, and recycled rubber.
  • Hats and Gloves. Eka makes organic and ethical accessories. They have a 1920’s inspired hat called “Cloche” that made from 100 percent vegan yarn which comes in black, chocolate brown, and petrol blue. The Greenheart is an eco-fair trade, non-profit shop in Chicago which sales Beryl fingerless gloves that are fair trade handmade by low-income women in Lalitpur, Nepal.

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