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Halloween on a Budget

by MLN Staff
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Celebrating Halloween can be a large expense. According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends $87.00 on Halloween staples like costumes, candy, décor, and other necessities. For the average family of four, Halloween expenses could total over $300. To save money, check out these Halloween budget tips!

Halloween on a Budget

Want to celebrate Halloween and save some major bucks? Preplanning your Halloween and budgeting is important and it can help you prepare for the big day. To get started consider the Halloween tips listed below.

  1. Time. Whether it is baking Halloween foods, shopping for costumes, taking your family to a Halloween party or trick or treating, Halloween takes valuable time. Budgeting our time can help us truly enjoy this month of play with our families. So, starting planning in advance. Figure out which parties you’ll be intending, what costumes you’ll wear, and which treats you’ll be giving away. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  1. Food. Don’t wait until the last week to purchase your trick or treat candy. Start looking for great Halloween deals in your weekly coupon circulars. Drug stores often do doorbusters on candies. This month is also a great time to bake playful cookies, cakes, and candies. Baking goods can add expense to your food budget so make sure to add additional cost to your grocery list.
  1. Costumes/Clothes. It wouldn’t be Halloween without fun playful clothes. Budget for some fun, inexpensive Halloween crafts with the family! Grab some puff paint or iron-on transfer paper, and have your kids decorate t-shirts to wear. You can also sew your own costumes ghost costumes, cat ears, or witch robes with simple, free patterns online. Check out thrift stores for ideas and ready-to-wear clothes. And don’t forget things around the house (papier-mâché masks and wings).
  1. Halloween party. Whether you’re attending a party or planning one yourself, don’t forget to add a Halloween party expense to your budget. If you plan on attending a party consider how much it will cost to make a dish or bring a celebratory drink. If you plan on hosting a party consider having a family meeting, discussing it, and coming up with a family budget together.

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