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Happiness Happens Day

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Isn’t it interesting how many of us spend our entire life chasing happiness to never find it?  Today just let happiness happen!  Go outside and take off your shoes and walk in the grass.  Mindfully eat your favorite food and experience the happiness great food brings you.  Take a walk with the one you love, hold hands and enjoy the presence of each other.  Don’t chase happiness, please surrender and let it happen. That means that today’s the day to get to the root of happiness.

4 Roots of Happiness
  • Serenity. Saying personal affirmations like “I am protected and guided” or “I am grateful for my life,” can help you appreciate the little things in your life and thus, bring you happiness.
  • Exercise. Exercise gives you energy and produces the feel-good hormone in your body. This energy will give you happiness.
  • Love. Love is the key to happiness. Love is experiencing new meaning, purpose, and promise through intimacy and community.
  • Food. Food is nourishment, which includes anything you consume into your body, mind, and soul.  Nourish your mind with mindful books or podcasts and nourish your soul with spiritual reflection. It can make you happy.

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