Hawkeye- A True Faithful Friend

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A good home awaits the Navy SEAL’s chocolate lab that faithfully laid down in front of the coffin of his fallen master. Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, one of 22 Navy SEALS who was killed in the U.S. helicopter attack in Afghanistan, willed his dog Hawkeye to his friend Scott Nichols. Mr. Nichols has previously cared for Hawkeye while his master was on duty overseas.

It was when Mr. Nichols stepped up to the podium to eulogize his friend and the dog followed him, and the world got to see how faithful man’s best friend truly is. Hawkeye laid down with a sigh in front of his master’s flag-draped coffin and a picture of the pair together.

The dog was so beloved by Tumilson and his family he is commonly referred to as “son.”

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