Holiday Homemade Ice Cream

Yes, it is the holidays and time for gingerbread, pumpkin pies, turkey, dressing and cranberry dishes. But as I was going through my recipe box for the traditional holiday recipes, the chocolate almond marshmallow homemade ice cream recipe just jumped out at me. Is there some law that we can only make homemade ice cream during the summer and not during the holidays?

In all my years, I have never heard of anyone pulling out the ice cream freezer for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Passover (you could use soy or something else). The more I considered pulling out the homemade ice cream recipe card it felt as if I was doing something wrong, decadent, not right or even anarchy. Doubts slowly started seeping in. Could I find ice cream salt this time of year? Would anyone really want ice cream? But I did it!  We are making homemade chocolate almond marshmallow ice cream this weekend. This is the best secret recipe ice cream on the planet Earth. Wish you were here to grab a spoon as we pull the ice cream out of the churn and celebrate the holidays. Yum!

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