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Holiday Service Project Ideas

by MLN Staff
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Will you open your heart and give a different kind of gift this year?

Volunteering during the holiday season is a win-win for everybody. There are many people and organizations within our community that would appreciate your help. By helping others you’ll make new friends and try new experiences. To get started, join a service organization that helps children, the elderly, animals, or the environment. Or you can create your own holiday volunteer team. Get started on volunteering with the tips listed below.

7 Holiday Service Projects

  1. Families in need. Go to local churches and community organizations and ask them if they know of a family in need that you can help. You can donate clothes or gifts. You can also invite them to a feast in your home. Spend your holidays laughing and making precious memories with another family.
  2. A Coat Drive. Go to local community organizations and shelters and ask what size coats they need for their residents. Organize a coat collection drive in your neighborhood and get your neighbors and friends involved.
  3. Transportation. Snow and icy weather can make it difficult for some elderly people to get around. Organize transportation schedules with your friends and help a someone in your local community. Help them with their shopping or help them to an appointment; they’ll definitely appreciate it.
  4. Landscaping. Also, many elderly people may not have the physical ability or money to care for their lawns. Gather a group of volunteers to help with their lawn care once a month. You can even get the kids involved too.
  5. Animal care. Animal shelters are always in need of help. Consider visiting a local shelter to help with the cleaning, feeding, and socializing tasks. Help the animal shelter find forever homes for the animals.
  6. Delicious food. Are there any families in need in your community? Gather a group of volunteers who will collect canned food goods and bake food for these families.
  7. Letters show you care. Everyone needs a little holiday cheer. Many people never receive letters, notes, or cards telling them that someone cares. So many of our brave military soldiers on the field do not receive any letters. Create a letter writing campaign that will write notes or cards to send to others.

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