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Hot Tips to Get Through Airport Security Faster

If you feel like the lines in airport security are getting longer, you’re not dreaming it. Airlines are consolidating flight times and reducing routes; this means a concentrated number of passengers are passing through the gates to catch those flights. Since 9/11, airports across the country have gone to great lengths to increase security. A process that once took mere minutes can now take hours depending on the airport, the day, and the time. If you’re looking to get through the airport security quicker consider the mindful tips listed below.

5 Tips for Airport Security

Know the Procedure

You won’t believe how much shorter the security lines would be if everyone understood the procedure beforehand. Everything you’re carrying, besides your identification and boarding pass goes in the security bins, including your shoes and coat. Large electronics like laptops need to be in their own bins. Also, TSA officers are required to ask passengers questions to evaluate each person’s behavior. Be pleasant and cordial to them. They are only doing their jobs. If you are curt and nasty, be prepared for a longer conversation and longer wait time.

Avoid Prohibited Items

There are obvious items that you can not bring in carry-ons like firearms, blades of any kind, and tools. But there are also other restricted items like liquids. All carry-on liquids need to be in containers that are 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces) or smaller. They must be in a one-quart clear plastic, zipped bag. And you’re allowed one bag per person.

Dress for Security Success

Dress comfortably and mindfully. Consider wearing shoes that you can wear socks with and wear shoes that are easy to slide on and off. Dress in layers instead of wearing a coat. Avoid metal belts, jewelry, and buttons, if possible. If your clothing has pockets remember empty them, placing the contents in a bin.

Organize Your Carry On

Keeping your carry-on bag organized will help speed the process along. When you stash everything away in a compartment you don’t have to worry about losing items in the security check process. Consider placing items in carry-on items in various clear, plastic bags to make sure everything stays in order.

Always Have Identification Ready

The Transportation Security Administration constantly stresses the importance of always having your boarding pass and appropriate identification available and ready. Passports and state IDS will do.

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