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How can I develop perseverance at work?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Jamie, A recent survey reported over 70 percent of employees said they did not like the company they worked for and did not like their work.

It is difficult to enjoy perseverance at work when you don’t like or respect the company you work for. Respect for your employer is paramount but it’s impossible if you don’t feel respected.

If you don’t like your job but have to keep it for benefits, that is understandable. Many of us have to have insurance benefits and retirement for our families. You can plant a seed of hope even in the direst of circumstances.

While you are keeping this job, as you have to feed and support your family, change your attitude. Be grateful for the food it puts on your table and the health insurance it provides your family. After work, begin to plant the seeds of your passion. If you love gardening, take an evening course in gardening or landscaping. If you love building and want to begin a career as a tile expert or painter, learn how at a local home improvement store that offers night or weekend classes. If your dream is to be a teacher or a nurse, take weekend courses at a local community college.

Yes, it may be a little difficult balancing everything at the beginning, but soon you will experience the joy of doing what you love, and that is all that matters. You will develop perseverance at your job because you have a ray of hope and are watering the seeds of your dream.

If you have a job you already love, learn how to be more resilient at work. Many corporations do not have adequate work-life balance programs. Some corporations do not have flexible working hours or job sharing. You can be the person to introduce these innovative ideas to your corporation. Be positive and armed with the new research on how corporations with work-life balance programs reap the rewards on their bottom lines. We know that employee work-life balance programs result in less employee turnover, more productivity, higher creativity on the job, and reduced health-care costs. Your boss will sense your confidence and perseverance, and you will make a difference.

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