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How can I help promote honesty in the workplace?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Ava, Honesty in the workplace creates energy, creativity, and productivity. Any one of us who owns or manages companies knows what a treasure it is to have staff who live in the light of honesty. They bring life and energy into a company and become a beacon for other employees.

Simple practices are an easy way to begin. At staff meetings make sure all comments and ideas are received with respect and dignity. This makes everyone feel his or her input is valued and opens the atmosphere for more honesty. Make sure each manager has regular meetings with all staff members to tell them they are valued and that the managers deeply listen to their employees’ concerns and ideas.

You may begin to bring more honesty and truth into your work place in your own workspace. Display photos of your family, favorite pets, or great vacations. This tells those you work with what you love and who you are. Put your favorite inspirational quotes in a simple frame on your desk or wall. Visible truths that inspire and motivate you will keep you honest about who you are and what is important to you. It also inspires others in your office and gives them insight into the true you.

Keep your favorite colors and fabrics around you at work. If you love orange, make sure you have a shawl, picture frame, chair, or wall painted with your favorite color. Surrounding ourselves and others with our favorite colors and meaningful mementos are methods of honesty in our workplace.

As we begin to open up to others in our workplace, we share with others our intimate self. When one person is honest, others will join the flow, and the workplaces will function with more grace, ease, determination, and humility.

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