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How To Create Romance In Your Life

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Romance for many of us these days is a long-awaited dream or an intermittent gift we rarely experience in our busy lives. Whether you are single or married you must learn how to create romance in your life. This is a chronic problem of our time. Intimacy is an essential need of every human being and one that we too many times put on the back burner. This can create anxiety, chronic stress, and depression that makes finding romance even more elusive.

Why We Can’t Find The Time

Many professional singles are in a growth time of where they are trying ti go up the corporate ladder, or developing their businesses in the early part of their lives. This focus can become an addiction or habit and eventually create isolation. People can be overwhelmed with work, family, and managing their hectic lives.  For singles and couples alike, the thought of creating romance can create fear or awkwardness.

Carving Out Time For Romance

A person must treat every facet of their life with proactive time management. The time won’t “just happen.” You must create and plan for romance energy just as you do for business presentations, conferences, and meetings. If you are single, begin by asking yourself where you can go to meet the kind of person you want to date. If you have a partner, plan venues that can create new dynamic energy between you. Volunteer for an organization you are passionate about. Discover a yoga or meditation studio. Take a lecture series at a college, a class in painting, drawing or writing.

The Number One Tip For Busy Professionals

Schedule into your calendar, regular time with old friends, making new friends, dating opportunities or nourishing your current relationship. It won’t just happen.  You may wake up at 50 years old and ask what happened to your life. Be creative, have fun discovering new places to meet the kinds of people you like, learn about single and couple vacation packages, and volunteer at organizations that create meaning in your life.  Creating and scheduling “me” time is essential for happiness, meaning, and balance.

4 Tips To Create Romance

  1. Stop the romance rut. What’s at the root of your romance rut? Is it a lack of time, bored with your usual routine, or distraction that keeps you mentally disconnected from your intimate moments? This month talk things over with your partner and make a verbal commitment to ramping up your love life together.
  2. A date for romance. Schedule weekly date night with your partner. If you are single, take this weekly time to schedule your volunteer time, yoga class, cooking class or any other passionate experience you love and open your life for romance.
  3. Be spontaneous. Leave your life open to be spontaneous. Go to the farmer’s market, the mall, the beach, or take a walk in the park to get energy flowing through your body. The law of attraction is powerful. You are a glowing ball of Divine energy flowing through the world.
  4. Random acts of romance. Leave notes around the house for your partner to discover. Send cupcakes, flowers, or a delivered meal to the object of your affection. Buy a pint of his/her favorite ice cream on the way home. For example, create a surprise picnic lunch.

My Own Testimonial

These tips come from my personal experience, training, and my own loving romance. We have been married for 45 years and are more in love than ever before. We have our weekly date, my husband leaves precious love notes scattered around the house, and I melt when he brings home a pint of Chunky Monkey. The basis of a delicious, long term romance is built on mindfulness. A relationship built on the awareness that every thought, word, and action affects you, your family, and society will lead you to live with more responsibly, reverent respect, and love.

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