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How to Make New Friends

by MLN Staff

Old friends are like an anchor in your voyage of life. Our friends are lifesavers, holders of our deepest secrets, a healing balm and loyal to the grave. Friendship is one of life’s greatest blessings. Studies show us people with friends are happier, much healthier and live longer. When you meet new friends  it brings a fresh outlook to your live and a new perspective to all aspects of your live. New friends have “new eyes” into our lives. They bring in new energy, new possibilities and new adventures.

How do I make new friends?

1. Join New Communities.

Where can I go to meet new friends?

Join organizations or take classes in areas of interest to you.  For example; yoga, cooking or meditation class, you will meet more like people. If you love animals, volunteer at a shelter, join the Humane Society or other animal organizations. If you love to work with children, mentor or join a group that works with children. These give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people that could be good friends and share in your passions.

Coworkers are a good place to meet new people. Ask a coworker to have a lunch / drinks with you, go to an event after work or a networking function.  Work related environments are a great place to meet people that share common interests and goals.

2. Overcome Anxiety.

What about the anxiety I feel when I am trying to meet new people?

It is normal to feel a little anxious about becoming vulnerable and risking rejection when you are trying to make new friends.  Take each step slow and lay a good foundation and you will feel more secure. Start with simple talk, go to lunch where the time is limited to an hour, so you can both feel safe with the one hour time constraint if it doesn’t work.  Add more time exposure to each contact with your new friend and see what unfolds.

3. Consider Life Cycles.

Are there certain times in our lives when we need to meet new friends?

Yes. When you move to a new location you need to bring new friends into your life. A new job is a great place for new beginnings and meeting new people. When you and your partner welcomes a new addition / child to the family. After a divorce or after a relationship ends, is a good time to cultivate new friends.  After a loss of a loved one or a pet it is a good time to send out energy.  All of these changes in our life are an opportunity to create new friendships.

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