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Just “Beachy” Craft Ideas for Summer Fun!

There is nothing like a day at the beach with the smell of the fresh sea air and the sand between your toes. Many children collect seashells to hold on to their memories long after they have left the beach. But afterward, what should you do with the shells? Here are some children craft ideas for summer fun.

Here are some children craft ideas that will put those shells to good use:

  • Bookmarks, key chains or jewelry. With your assistance and a family drill you can help your children make an assortment of sea-inspired knickknacks. Simply (and carefully) drill a hole into your children’s favorite shells. They can then use various strings, ribbons, beads and drilled bottle caps to make ribbon bookmarks, key chains, and jewelry.
  • Mirror or picture frames. With a little craft glue, sand, glitter, sand dollars and seashells your kids can transform a plain picture frame or framed mirror into an ocean-inspired decorative piece. They can even put your vacation pictures in their new frames.
  • Mobiles or wind chimes. Using the same family drill you can help your kids make mobiles or wind chimes. A series of ribbons or strings can be hung from twigs, old sewing hoops, or wire coat hangers. To each string, they can attach three or four shells, spaced well apart. The end result is a beautiful wind chime and welcomed addition to your porch or patio.
  • Planters. Seashells make wonderful small planters for children’s windowsill. All they’ll need is dirt, a shell, and a small plant like a patch of moss or succulent plants. You can take them to your local garden center to help them pick out an appropriate plant.
  • Sailboats. For your little ones you can help them transform a shell into a little sailboat for some bath time fun. All you’ll need is a little felt fabric and a small stick for the sail. Attach the sail to the inside of a shell with a little modeling clay and you’ll have a little boat fit to sail.
  • Stamps. Lastly, with a little paint, your children can use their starfish and sand dollars as stamps. They can decorate plain t-shirts, greeting cards, and postcards.

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