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Time for Fall Cleanup!

Here are some of the fundamentals for fall cleanup. A thorough cleaning of your home isn’t limited to the spring season. Out with the old, and in with new can be an incredible ritual and a nod to mindful living. Do your part this fall to refresh your living space and get prepared for the winter weather ahead! There are some home cleaning basics that we should use every season like dusting the blinds and light fixtures.

There are special fall cleanup techniques you should consider. Here are just a few ideas:

Outdoor spaces

 You can start by caring for the external area of your home. Consider draining your pool and cleaning/storing outdoor furniture and toys. You’ll need to remove debris, including raking leaves on the lawn and removing leaves from gutters. The external glass on windows may need a wash. Be sure all windows and doors have a secure caulk seal.

Beware of critters

 With the cold weather, you’re more likely to find critters trying to sneak into your home. Be prepared with the appropriate sprays or traps. If you want to avoid unnecessary chemicals, consider these organic remedies.

Prepare for the heat

 Before you cut on your heating or light your fireplace, make sure you inspect and clean the chimneys, furnace, and vents. Consider replacing old filters and the batteries in your smoke alarm.

Reduce and reorganize

 If you’re a bit of a pack rat and find yourself acquiring products and goods that you don’t need or use, then fall cleaning is a great opportunity. Donate or dump appropriate items and reorganize your home. If you have any old jackets, look for charities that are collecting warm coats and blankets for the needy.

Warm bedding/clothes

 Now is the time for warm blankets, robes, and sweaters. Consider cleaning and storing all the spring/summer clothes and shoes you won’t be using. Also consider flipping your mattress and replacing you light bedding with fresh, warm sheets and blankets.

Prep for a holiday kitchen

 Preparing feasts this holiday season? Before you start your meal prep, consider prepping your kitchen. Try cleaning out your fridge and reorganizing the cabinets and pantry. An organized space will make cooking easier.

Clean your floors and furniture

 With it getting colder outside families will be spending most of their time indoors, which can cause weathered furniture and floors. So start the season on the right foot by having your sofa, chairs, rugs, carpets, and wooden floors professionally cleaned or do it yourself.

Prepare for seasonal ailments

When is the last time you cleaned out your medicine cabinet? Throw away expired or damaged materials and stock up on necessary medications, vitamins, and supplements to avoid future illnesses.

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